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We offer live sound services operated by professional audio engineers to live bands, and solo acts.  We also offer live sound for weddings, birthdays, and private events. For private events you may also submit a playlist and we can send along a professional DJ to make sure your event goes perfect.  Do you work with a band and your sound guy just can't get that mix right?  Call us.  We are professionals who will manage your live sound efficiently and effectively.  We deliver a proper mix every time, so your talent can shine.


Inner City Sound has its own streetwear clothing line.  We make extremely high quality hoodies, flat brims, t-shirts, crew necks, and more.  Our clothing is designed and inspired by our artists and contributing graphic designers.  We never use cheap vinyl or screen printing like other merch lines.  When you buy from us our designs are embroidered on or use supplementation, so your favorite hoodie or hat never fades or wears out.  Our clothes do not shrink or accrue damage, even after hundreds of washes because we only use top tier textiles and high-quality fabric.  What's even better is that $5 of every purchase goes directly to our charitable chapter, "Mission: We Hear You" which donates life saving warm clothing to homeless shelters and encampments throughout the Midwest.  We've donated over 1,100 items to underserved populations in the year of 2022 alone.  You can learn more about this on our charitable efforts page.  We also sell a variety of products such as coffee mugs, visual art, paintings, prints/posters, and much more which are all hand crafted by an artist in the communities we work in.  When you buy these products, you are supporting young artists and helping them sustain their careers, in turn growing small businesses instead of shopping with monopolizing corporations.  We offer real merchandise made by real people by hand.  We only work with small local businesses and independent artists.


We offer recording sessions in a professional studio, operated by well versed industry professionals.  Our engineers are either certified in Ableton or ProTools, (the top two industry standard recording programs in the world) or have graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, receiving an associate or bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering.  IPR is currently the top rated and most prestigious audio engineering college in the nation.  We offer very affordable rates that beat all competitors in our area.  We create radio standard final masters and can bring your dream project into reality with astonishing efficiency.  We listen to our artists and seek to implement your vision with precision.


 We offer guitar, piano, and audio engineering lessons.  We are the only known business in Wisconsin that offers hands on lessons and studio time with certified Ableton and Pro Tools experts in a professional studio environment.  We offer monthly payment options and teach life long skills you can build into a career.  Similar programs destroy young people with debt, charging anywhere from $,3000 to $55,000 just to reach basic competency.  We aren't like this.  We want to spread the love of music to as many people as possible and we will work with you to develop a payment plan and learning approach that works for you.  We also offer performance coaching and training to artists who perform live, focusing on delivery, breath management, set list development, audience engagement, etiquette, and more. If you're a parent interested in enrolling your child in music lessons, we strongly recommend it, and our rates are so much more affordable than what we typically see.  Music is a vital emotional outlet that saves and changes lives, teaches positive coping skills, enhances language and mathmetical understanding, and gives your child something amazing to focus on and believe in that will only improve them as a person, and bring joy to their lives.  We have lessons for all ages ofcourse, both minors and adults.  Find out more about our learning programs today.  If you're passionate about audio engineering but cannot afford lessons, consider an internship with us to open up that door.


We offer event booking for both artists and venues.  We help talented up and coming artists develop their careers by connecting them to opportunities in their area.  We seek to bridge the gap between the artist and the venue by reaching out to venues that host live music on the artists behalf and vice versa.  If you're an artist who wants to turn your passion into a sustainable career, we will help you book shows using our vast nationwide venue database. Our team will work to represent and promote you as you advance.  We seek to expedite your success and build on your already existing foundation by connecting you to venues and industry professionals you may not have in your network yet.  If you're a venue looking for talented performers to meet your booking needs just reach out to us and we'll find the highest quality artists suited for your preferred genre and event goals.  Our artists are disciplined professionals, highly talented, and purely original.  You can't find this anywhere else.


We offer an array of digital products.  We currently have 187 beats for sale in stock across a variety of genres.  If you're a rapper or singer and you need a custom beat tailored to your vision, call us and we'll produce it.  Not an audio engineer but have a vision or some lyrics you've wrote?  We'll help you make the track.  We sell beats and lease beats.  Leasing is a temporary right to use agreement lasting 2-5 years, while purchasing gives you complete ownership and right to profit from your creation with no limits.  Our stock beats are very affordable, and custom beats will be priced based on the project expectations and needs.  We produce radio quality masters efficiently, not to mention we're connected to some of the most well-known beat makers in the music industry, who we can connect you with at any time per request.  Inquire with us today to learn more about the nationally recognized producers we affiliate with.


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